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2 Exciting Job Opportunities for People Seeking a Unique Career

For many people, a normal office job is not the ideal career. Working 9-5, Monday to Friday, and responding to a constant flow of emails while dealing with routine tasks is not particularly inspiring for many adults. While such jobs provide a suitable level of income and can offer opportunities for promotion, they tend to involve mundane working practices with little in the way of variety. 

The latest generation of working-age adults, the millennial generation, commonly seek more interesting and varied career opportunities that allow them to accomplish other life goals (such as traveling the world and achieving their ideal work/life balance). If this resonates with you, you are likely seeking something different from the world of work. In this article, two exciting career opportunities are explored. Each offers a working routine that does not rely on typical office work and allows you to gain true fulfillment from your career.

1. Consider working in IT

When many people think of jobs in the IT sector, they imagine fairly dull working practices and limited scope for creativity. However, this could not be further from the truth. There are a wide range of roles within the wider IT sector that suit a range of personality types and offer stimulating and financially rewarding career paths. For example, if you work as an IT security expert, you may find that you have a broad range of tasks to undertake. You may need to monitor application programming interfaces (APIs) to check that legitimate access is being granted and there is no unusual traffic activity that may indicate the work of cybercriminals. You will need a comprehensive knowledge of the different types of API, including how to deploy and monitor them. APIs play a key role in digital business environments and ensure that online IT architecture operates effectively. 

In addition to API and online management tasks, you may be required to educate the wider workforce on IT security best practices, potentially playing a key role in delivering this training. IT security jobs also benefit from impressive salary packages. A typical average salary for an IT security professional is in the region of $112K per year, although senior staff working for larger companies may be able to command much more.

2. Travel the world while earning a living 

If you have a love of travel, a typical 9-5 office job may not be ideal. Such jobs tend to offer a predetermined number of annual leave days per year, and many employers will not allow you to take a career break to travel the world. However, in an age where remote working has become normal practice for millions of adults, a new form of work has emerged. Digital nomads are adults of working age who travel the world while undertaking remote work, often from exotic and far-flung locations. Common roles include working as a website designer, programmer, and content creator, although many 100% remote jobs can fuel a digital nomadic lifestyle. In terms of tech, all you need is a suitable business laptop, smartphone, and access to fast and reliable internet. In short, working as a digital nomad can offer an utterly unique career that includes worldwide travel as an integral part of the working culture. 

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