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Knowledge Management (KM) is a relatively new and emerging profession in development sectors. It has establishment new entity like knowledge society,

a knowledge economy, knowledge organizations where knowledge is considered as an tangible assets in value assessment of organization.

The discipline of KM draws professional from diverse streams which primarily include Information Science, Engineering,

Computer Science and Research.

Based on the specific requirement there are significant diversity observed in the job profile.

But the commonality has been the following  Knowledge Taxonomy

  • Understanding of Content Management System from knowledge perspective
  • Familiarity in establishing optimized process in increasing institutional efficacy
  • Good writing/ documentation skill
  • Understanding of various tools to capture the knowledge
  • Knowledge acquisition, Processing/

synthesis and dissemination are some of the specialized area of KM.

The job in KM is quite well paid all across the globe and expected to grow in future as the knowledge based economy is finding new avenues in bringing values.



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