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Career strategies I should have known during my 20s

The 20s is an era of time for crazy career choices and busy job interviews. One thing fresh graduates are constantly worrying about, though, is securing a good, stable job. But in short, your 20s are actually a time in which you kick start your career and must be mentally prepared to make foolish choices, and handle any setbacks thrown your way. Staying strong is the key so remember, it’s never too late.

You need to hone your professional skills during this time. It’s your first stage of career and you’re just building a base around your required skill set. Below are a few ways and strategies which you need to consider, making sure you’re looking forward to a bright future in your career.

Never Settle

Because you’re new in a lot of things, you tend to accept a situation, thinking that’s just how things are. Either that or you just accept your situations and don’t think much about it, again thinking that maybe that’s just how it is. It might be that you think you’re actually left with no other options. But believe me; you should take all these accounts very seriously. And once you step out, you’ll be sure to realize the many options which are out there.

Never settle in a bad workplace where there’s too many politics that it’s affecting your work or reputation. Don’t settle for bad bosses or managers either. It’s just not worth your time and you deserve a lot better.

Find Professional Fulfillment

It’s not about what career you’ve followed – or been made to follow- throughout your whole life. As long as you don’t feel fulfilled and satisfied with your job, you’ll be spending the entirety of your life regretting things that “could have been” or resenting yourself for being forced to settle where you don’t find any sense of fulfillment or job security.

Find a profession which caters to your need and in which you are good at. Many times, it’s not what we’ve always dreamed of doing, but it doesn’t matter as long as you feel secure and fulfilled. The steady income doesn’t hurt either.

Know Your Clients​​​​​​​

This is the mistake I ended up making and because of which I ended up delaying my progress. It’s important to have good communication skills in any line of work, especially when you have a job in which you have to directly deal with the customers. You should set expectations and learn to decipher what a client expects out of your relationship as well.

It’s important to keep a client happy, and the only way to do that is by showing that you’re taking them seriously. Let them know that you’ll be checking up with them frequently and what they prefer; calls or emails. Do not wait until the end to ask for feedback, and you might risk ruining your relationship by coming off as non-serious.

Don’t Stop Learning Or Studying​​​​​​​

No one is perfect, and there are always skills in need of development. It’s the basic reason people find it hard to find jobs. There are also some skills which need to be developed with regards to your job. There are also some skills which your organization actually needs and they’ll pay you to develop those as well. It’s essential to develop your talents and become better. Don’t be so arrogant as to think you know everything. You actually cannot be more inexperienced.

Often due to lack of hardworking skills, employers find it hard to find potential employees suitable to their liking. Constantly learning new things is important, as you don’t want to be outshone by the next batch of fresh candidates, with their superior knowledge and latest skills.


By getting to know the employees of the other department, you can also learn how a company works. Be interested in the work they do and talk about it while spending time with them. By maintaining such relationships, you can increase your exposure and as well as improve your performance at work.

Career Won’t Progress Naturally​​​​​​​

This is a thought which constantly ran in my head. I thought there is a traditional progression ladder which we all we have to climb and eventually work up to. Normally, you don’t have any career plan nor do you think about talking to your seniors to help us in giving guidance or a proper direction.

Of course, the human mind does not necessarily stay on the same path throughout your life and your decisions keep changing as you mature and gain more experience. So do not expect any rule or the destination you predefined to be iron-clad. Move on naturally from there and in case you find yourself deviating due to your preferences changing, work out another plan from there only!

Not Becoming One With The Crowd​​​​​​​

If you risk blending in and working like things have been traditionally carried out, you’ll always remain invisible and no one who’s considered noteworthy. In order to ensure a brighter presence, constantly challenge yourself and take new directions and prospects. Don’t just squeeze into an area which is your comfort zone and stay there forever. That is just not how things work if you want to progress in your career.

Learn from people who are constantly battling for their career and have already stood where you are now. They are your standard game-changers who can guide you to your path to success. If you’re serious about moving ahead, listen to those more experienced than you. Break free from the societal norms and the traditional chains which seem to be holding you back from your way to greatness ahead.


Kendall Jenner

Jenner is a former business grad and right now she is working as a human resource manager with creative firm which is working in the name of Dissertation Help. Apart from this, she likes to read novels and stories based on fiction and adventure.