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Examples of Social Media Campaigns for Development

While people thought, “who has a care in the world for a social cause on the internet?”several organizations proved this wrong by running the most successful campaigns. It is true that for something to go viral, creativity, intellect, and little bit of luck is vital. However, sometimes the exploded content is merely a great idea gone popular. This is definitely something non profits and other organizations seeking social change can do while crafting their content for online users.

Today, thanks to social media, we have a whole new range of exciting possibilities when it comes to generating content that reaches a massive audience. Contemporary organizations are making use of these opportunities to make an impact whether it is for the purpose of marketing, political projects, supporting a social cause, or just for fun. Their successes and efforts prove how the internet, and particularly social media, has the potential to reconnect us to our communities and re-ignite our deeply social nature. Social media has formed new rules in the books of social campaigns and causes.

Seeking inspiration? Here are top five fabulous examples.
1) Water is Life:



Water is life was a campaign initiated to educate the masses about the importance of clean water. They used the trending hashtag#firstworldproblems and created something powerful. Water is Life campaign took those “first world problems” hashtags and combined it with problems of people living not-so-luxurious lives. The result was a compelling video that portrayedwhat real problems are like, especially where there is lack of clean water. The video produced over 6 million views and generated tons of donations for providing water for those in need. Watch the video here.

2) Ice Bucket Challenge


The Ice Bucket Challenge didn’t originally start out as a social cause, but it later transformed into a cause that supported the non-profit organizations called ALS Association. It started when a patient of ALS challenged a friend, a former Boston College baseball player. The friend took up the challenge and responded by uploading his “ice bucket” video on Facebook. You can probably guess what happened next: the video became viral and the Ice Bucket Challenge became an internet sensation. The result: more than 3 million people donated to the ALS organization amounting to more than $110 million.

3) It Gets Better Project:


This was a cause initiated by media personality, Dan Savage. Savage along with his husband Miller, decided to take up a project dedicated to the LGBT community in response to an increasing number of suicides and bullying of teens that belong to a different sexual orientations. The video received over 2 million views and thousands of people from around the world uploaded their own videos to support the cause. Check out the official It Gets Better Project page on Youtube.

4) Ami Musa P-Interest Board:


You might have thought that Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube are the only social media platforms with best examples of brilliant social causes. UNICEF, however, proves otherwise by successfully launching a campaign on a platform that would have thought to be one used by only a narrow demographic. According to Pew, 28% of all interest users in 2014 are P interest fans. This is even more than Instagram statistics in 2014 (26% of all internet users).Even so, UNICEF came up with a brilliant plan to put together and contrast various views users may have about the needs of children in poverty.

While we have a long list of ridiculous wish-list “pins” on our P-interest such a luxurious meal at a fancy restaurant, the most beautiful bridal dress, or a branded version of bathroom slippers, children like Ami Musa from Sierra Leone, aspire to own what we often fail to see as blessings. Ami’s “wish list” pins contain images of a used pair of sandals, grains of rice, a rusty faucet, a bar of soap, and an education. The board had a list of everyday essential that a child living in poverty can only dream of having.

5) End7:


End 7, an organization dedicated to helping the end of seven deadly diseases by the year 2020, came up with a clever plan to entice viewers to watch videos of people affected with those diseases. Since these diseases and their effects usually picture people with gruesome appearances, it tends to drive away potential donors. Consequently, people turn away even before they can make a difference. In an effort to finally make people actually watch these videos END7 crafted that campaign that featured celebrities watching these heart-breaking and quite gruesome images. The non-profit organization uploaded this video on Youtube and challenged viewers to watch the same video that the celebrities were watching. The video received over 300,000 views in just the first week and was ranked on fifth on “Youtube’s most popular on the Web” list.


Sabrina Walker

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