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Gender Equity in Development Planning

One of the main features that should have in development planning is gender equity. Gender equity is all about fairness, equal opportunity and even handedness. Gender equality is also acknowledged as sexual equality. It is the state of equal admission to resources and chances irrespective of one’s gender. Gender equity in development planning can attain through gender impartiality and gender fair play. Without a doubt, society has a tendency to see women as women and men as men. It denotes that women always enjoy low position in society compared to men. When society starts to observe both men and women as fellow individuals, gender equity is possible.

We live in a world where technology is far developed and traditional customs are replaced by the modern day’s customs or ways of life. However, the way society treats or observes women in the community have not changed as it is expected. Society still follows the olden or traditional way to treat women in their public and personal lives. In many of the countries, women are not permitted to go out and do a job. A lot of societies prohibit women from obtaining education even in a world where education is compulsory to everyone. Development planning will not become successful if the countries and different societies do not give importance to gender equity.
Here is a look at how gender equity is important in development planning:

Equal Opportunity
One of the essential things that should be there in development planning is equal opportunity. Keep in mind that none of the development planning will attain its common goals and objectives if there is not equal opportunity. Whether it is for personal development, economic development of a country, or overall development of a nation, equal opportunity amid men and women is essential. Women also should be allowed to work along with the men and they should also get salary same as men earns. Providing equal opportunity for men and women is the first step towards making development plans successful. An equal employment, education, financial and earning opportunity plan is a must in development planning.

Providing Recognition
Lack of recognition is another major reason that blocks gender equity in our society. Both men and women should receive recognition for their work and personality. When it comes to men, they used to be given the essential recognition from others and society. But, women never used to receive the recognition that they deserve. Society always views women as subordinate to men and gives all the positions and statuses to men. They ignore women even though they deserve to be given. It clearly shows narrow mindedness. Providing recognition is an important thing in development planning.

Sameness Is Crucial
Sameness is very important in every walks of our life. Women and men should be treated as equals. Society should not divide people as men and women. The women should be given all the privileges that men enjoy in our society which will result in the growth of our society. Women are capable of contributing to the economic, educational, workplace, societal, and other areas development of all countries across the world. Sameness can bring peace and equality in the general public. If a country or society is making plans for its development, they should give value to the sameness of men and women.

Challenging Gender Roles
One of the main things that hinder development in our society is traditional abusive gender roles. It is essential to challenge traditional gender roles in order to find success in development planning. Traditional gender roles give more importance to men and men are superior to women in all walks of life. As per gender roles, women are required to live under men by obeying his commands and orders. They are not allowed to peruse education and go to office to earn money. Today, both men and women are required to work to live a secured life. When men and women work as a team, all the countries around the world can develop economically and peacefully a great deal.

Stop Separation
Separation of men and women is a huge draw back to a country that looks for consistent development in all fields. Gender inequalities persist even these days. It generates differential opportunities, a gap and limitations for women and men. Gender bias in education, employment, earnings, and decision making in the personal as well as public field is not only a crucial problem of justice and fairness but also obstruct economic progress. A number of studies have pointed out that unfairness amid men and women in general impeded economic advancement and poverty reduction.

All in all, it can be said that gender equity is an essential feature in development planning. Progressing toward gender equality and empowerment of women is a must for fully accomplishing human rights and attaining comprehensive social and economic development. Gender inequality can negatively influence development outcomes and inequalities guide to an unclear, unfair, and inept composition of a society. Gender inequity restricts the quantity and quality of women’s participation in development planning and lessens their capacity to give to the progress of their families.


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