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Governance Transformation and role of civil society organization

Since past few years’ civil society organizations have become the hot topic among the people. Civil society organization (CSOs) has a significant role in the growth and development of the third world countries as well as it is one of the integral parts of the modern democracies. It is made of different communities, non-governmental organizations, groups, unions and much more. CSO has raised the issues which public is facing from many years. Civil society representatives have given the strength to the local people to participate actively in the growth of their society. Similarly, it forms a bond between the community and state. It helps the society by implementing the budget of government for their rights. NGOs and civil society work together because their motto is more or less similar.There are more than 10 millions NGOs in the world that are already registered but there are other NGOs also that are working without being registered because their main concern is to serve the humanity. The main purpose of the civil society organizations is to fight with the corrupt government officials and exclude the corruption from the society.

In addition, civil society organizations act like a negotiator; its answers are neutral and work wisely for the human rights. WWF and UNO are the well-known civil society organizations and voluntarily helping the humanity along with the association of many of NGOs. These both Civil society organizations are working on the regional, national and international level as well. Role of civil society

Education is the basic necessity of every community to bring awareness among people. Civil society is trying hard to make people realize the importance of education in their lives. Whereas it’s a legal issue but it has become complicated for the government to neglect it is among the most common rights of the society. People have a positive perspective regarding civil society organizations. Almost 80% public is in favor of their work and they believe that this will emerge out as a constructive social change in the society.

To agitate and advocate
Media is a powerful element which has the authority to change the whole scenario. It doesn’t belong to any political sector that is why it can be easy to submit the plea and memorandum about the civil liberties. Now, it becomes convenient for the general citizen to raise their voices for their civil rights, it all has happened due to the great effort of the civil society organizations.

Watch dog
The officials of the civil society are working in both active and passive ways. They are observing every single movement of the representatives of the government and politicians. The whole community is in favor of their decision and waiting for the violation of the civil rights so they can make any decision against the government authorities. Officials are now careful about doing any mistake because they are in surveillance by the CSOs and the local citizens.

Securing rights
Civil society is neutrally working for securing the human rights of the public. The main purpose of the civil society is to discharge all those common rights of the civilians which are the responsibility of the government but it has become the personal practices.

Services provider
The graph of the governmental services has changed a lot in the previous years because of the involvement of the civil society. It has brought numerous services which are the basic societal needs. It includes health, education, food, safety and security, disaster management and much more.

Capacity builder
After the influence of the CSO, things have gradually changed and people become aware of their right as well as their basic necessities. The literacy rate has decline which is the positive outcome for the development of the whole society.

Civil society organization has also worked for those problems which required gestation of a long period. Its main concern is to develop a solution which will work in the future also.

Citizenship champion
It urges the citizens to fight a battle for their rights. It also supports them while raising their voices.

Solidarity supporter
CSOs promote all the values of the society which are useful for the development of the country and their citizens. It ensures that the citizens are not in any complication due to their step towards the betterment.

Levels of influence of CSOs
Civil society and state officials communicate each other by three vital levels to create policies related to the issues of the public. Information, counseling and active participation are the levels of communications.

  • Information
    It is a process which only has one direction to gather and share information. The information will be given to the public by the interest of the government.
  • Counseling
    Instructions and suggestions are allowed to give while writing about the laws. Further, civil society will give information on this level to the government institutes.
  • Active participation
    It’s important to participate in unusual situations when bits of advice do not work. This is necessary to make public policies for the betterment of the society.

These 3 levels of CSOs will aid to maintain the standards of the policies and encourage in the process of the governance transformation. It is impossible to maintain the same process every time. It needs continuous effort to sustain on the same decision.

Over all, civil society organizations are trying hard to make the situations better but it is not possible to work with the limited choices & limited rights. Moreover, the education, training, and security are the basic societal rights but surprisingly in many societies, people are living without these basic rights. CSOs have and are constantly making then realize about their civil rights in order to bring change in the world and spread peace, prosperity and love.
It is not an easy task to change the governmental functions in the society but civil society has being fighting for it successfully. Alternatively, CSOs are also contributing to the implementation of the governance transformation.


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