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What Does Social Change Mean?

The term “Social Change” is normally used to refer some kind of major alternations, changes or improvements over a course of time in social behavior or cultural patterns, norms and values. When we say “Major Change” it really means major change that’s brining long term effects over facts such as revolution in industries, elimination of the practice of slavery or women rights movements. In today’s world, sociologists have already accepted the significant role of movements and campaigns run by unhappy people of the society who wanted to change wrong practices prevailing within the society. Besides, all of the theories presented to define social change, it is also admitted that each campaign involves some level of resistance.

What Does Campaign Mean?

A campaign mean constant efforts to achieve certain goals and it is really a great way to build strategic capacity and prepare the ground for running the movements in follow up of targeted goals. Each campaign has an objective to achieve such as striving against a dictator, fighting for collective rights of a community, struggle for labor rights, awareness among women about healthy living or many other objectives. There are a number of great examples of campaigns when campaigners win their fight against injustice.

What Tactics Are Used to Achieve Targets?

When campaigns for social change are initiated, different tactics are used to achieve goals including the use of online platforms to create awareness among common people and record protests. The other traditional means of running movements are street speak-outs, sit-ins, marches, blockages etc. Social changes are not easy to take place and therefore, one must not expect easy wins. In fact, there are various examples of the protests and strikes in the past when peaceful protests turned violent.

How Can Online Campaigns Support Social Alternation?

The latest tactic of social change movement is online platform or social media. This medium brings variety of inspiring and effective possibilities along with political support, personal relationship restructuring, organizational dynamics and social interactions. Leaders for social change soon realized and adopted different means of social media as it has got the capability to engage supporters throughout the web. Social media potential for social change has been used by NGOs, campaigners and political organizers. In today’s world, social media has been proven to be very effective in reconnecting people with their communities. From Facebook pages to Google plus Circles and Flickr petitions to twitter followers, the message of the campaign can reach everyone using internet.

Online Campaigning is not Spamming

With more than one billion active Facebook users, over five hundred million everyday tweets and approximately six billions hours of interesting and informative YouTube free Videos, it should not be difficult for someone to understand that how online campaign for social change can be extremely effective. You can use the power of online networks but this concept is absolutely wrong that online campaigning is spamming because when you use ready to use resources for social change in a more natural way, it is not supposed to be called spamming.

Most Effective Tool to Run Online Campaign

If a group for social change harnesses the power of social networks to reach a large population of the world already using internet, the group can have an effective interaction with individual, communities, NGOs and governments. There are thousands of open source projects, resources, tools, platforms and organizations that are devoted globally in one way or the other way to support online free expression and activism. Some of the resources are described below:


It is a very useful guide and a tool for understanding and conducting effective campaigns.

Social Media Toolkit

This toolkit offers guidelines on designing, planning and implementing activities online.

Guidance on e-campaigning

It is especially effective for those who are part of the campaigns launched to curb violence against women.

Civic Commons

Civic commons is another great tool that can help you find out about hundreds of apps used to create innovation in governments.


It is a free to use and an open source constituent platform of managing relationships and it has been designed exclusively for non-government and nonprofit groups. This can be used for tracking communications, conversations, donations and other transactions.


This popular platform is designed to provide support and assistance to nonprofit energize and organize people. It provides support in online fundraising, communication, management. In addition to this, it also provides necessary tools.


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