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Online Job Opportunities for Students in Development Sector

Website Designer
First job on the internet, the web is getting bigger, and so are the need for new websites. Learn some web design, include some coding and graphic design capabilities, and reach out to clients who haven’t started using the internet yet, to market their products, and build their brand.

Freelance Writer
Definitely one of the in-demand skills for the twenty-first century. If you are fluent with the English Language, and possibly some other language, you can start right of the bat by utilizing your skills to putting really needed information on the internet. Content writing, sales writing, email writing, etc. you can make selection from the different writing vacancies to help you off your mark.
Additionally, with the free tools to check grammar usage, all you have to do is search for grammar check uk and you can run through your writing to detect errors.

Graphic Designer
Probably one of the most in-demand skills on this list, it is also one of the high paying. Create logos, images, memes, banners and flyers according to demand, online and offline. Graphic designers simply are the ‘first port of call’ when determining how the design of a space is going to look like.

Online tutoring
Exhibiting fluent skills in in-demand and difficult subjects i.e. Math, Calculus, Chemistry or Physics? You can get on by sharing this knowledge and your shortcuts to solving these difficult subjects. Very comfortable with chemical equations? Get a junior up on the journey to learning the nitty gritty of the Chemistry language.

If you are fortunate to be bi-, tri-, or multilingual, then job postings in this niche would be of benefit to you. Companies and businesses aiming to expand into non-English speaking territories might be needing your services. In-demand languages include Spanish, Italian, German, and Mandarin. Text and movie translation from English to other language could be needed.

Website management
As one of the biggest hosting platforms and content management systems on the internet, showing expertise with WordPress could enable you help a client manage their WordPress website, create new websites, or simply provide expert information on website errors. Post updates, optimize for functionality, and make changes to website design and interface.

Help some company carry out new product research to determine new products to buy, search for what competitors are doing, or simply acquire additional information about a business or place. You can also assist a client get new information on a vacation location, check flight prices, and look for affordable VPN services. With research skills, polled with an attention to detail, individuals and companies would be looking that you help them achieve their goals and objectives, whatever their area of interest.

Data Entry and Excel
If you are really acquainted with Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheets, you are going to be needed for your data entry, data mining and formula usage skills. Businesses and companies interested in acquiring large amount of information about customers, or suppliers would be hoping you can be of help. However, do get ready to sit in a place for a long time, and ensure your attention to detail is on par.

Select any of the skills above that appeal to you and begin your search online for jobs in these areas. If you need to acquire the skills first, you can begin immediately on websites like Youtube, Khan Academy, Alison or any of the MOOCs. Months later, you can be certain of gaining the knowledge and confidence to get the job you want, and increase your income.


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