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P factor for performance

“Perform or Perish”, is the new maxim of 21st century workforce replacing the old one of ‘Survival of the fittest’. It is because of the continuous explosion of knowledge and growing population leading towards a tough competition. Further reasons like technology replacing human being, unstable and unexpected economic crisis, changes in the political and cultural practices are the few other unseen factors contributes to the panorama. Considering the above facts different Business (B) schools, HR units in business houses and career placement agencies have changed their orientation, recruitment process and employee retention strategies. This can be evident from the course curriculum of many top educational institutions and HR policies of well known companies.

Like:  Credit to internship during study and on job training concepts respectively. But a close observation of all those efforts says that these are mostly for new comers or for those who are at the starting of their professional life. But the major challenge lies for the people who are at the mid of their professional life. Because their performance acts as a guide for the beginners and guarantees the output for their supervisors. And mostly it is this section of people who always listens to the statement ‘Perform or Perish’.Thus, the fundamental question arises as what are those factors that matters in their performance and what measures may be taken to enhance their possibility. The writer finds it as there are 3 “P”s. Those are

1) Position.

2) People.

3) Perk.

Position: Position one of the important factors that influences ones’ performance. With the growing competition and job scarcity many of the times it is seen that, people accept different types of offers and position even in which is neither they have expertise nor any knowledge and even interest. Sometimes it works, if you are not monitored or if your luck is strong enough to support you but in most of them cases it fails. You may run for few days, months or years but not always. Rather at times you will lose interest in the work or you will fail to deliver and feel unsatisfied. This will affect your performance and personality as well.

Case-2: In a different situation it is also seen that people are positioned to the level they do not deserve. It is due to chance or choice factor. As a result a feeling of inferiority and insecurity continues. And if they are allowed to continue with this state of task for a longer period they faces different problems of personality disorder and ultimately it affects their overall performance.

People: Entering office with a smile and returning with relax and cool mind is the prime indicator of your performance. And this is possible only when people around or with whom you are working are cordial, cooperative, cautious and trustworthy. Many times it is seen that yours’ supervisor or subordinates takes the undue advantage of your flexibility and simplicity by asking you unacceptable orders or requests. Like: Work beyond official hour and even in holidays, reporting at last minute of rush etc. Thus, s/he becomes mentally disturbs and faces difficulty to concentrate. S/he fails to deliver the output. As a result it affects to her/his performance.

Perk: Perk is another most important influencing factor in those days that affects ones’ performance. It refers to Payment, Promotion and Privileges offered to an employee. If, the employee is neglected, in any of those aspects s/he will not be interested to contribute to the maximum or that of her potentialities. Surveys say that these are the powerful external stimuli to get the desired output, especially in the private sectors. Hence the HR units must be careful while recruiting and retaining its workforce.



Sraban, is a development consultant professional having around 12 years of progressive and rich experience of working in the development sector with thematic expertise in the area of educational planning, monitoring, project designing and training. Over the years he has worked with many International and National Organisations of repute along with Government at different capacities. His key skill areas are : Project Management, Capacity building, Training & Monitoring, Partnership building, Campaigning, Advocacy, Donor Management services and Appropriate Technology. His Interest Area are Research, writing developmental and Educational Articles, Organizing Intellectual discourse, travelling rural and remote areas. He can be reached at sraban.bag@gmail.com or call at 09437298635.