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Website And Its Importance For Resource Mobilization

Resource mobilization is a buzzword these daysdue to its strong connection with organizations’ sustainability. What these two words actually mean is any activity that attracts more resources towards a business or company.

It is further used to mean the actions a company takes which maximize the potential of their existing resources. This is why resource mobilization is also referred to as New Business Development.

The critical status of resource mobilization is obvious. As every company in this day and age also has a website, it would be a helpful exercise to see how these sites help out. Below are a few ways in which websites are extremely important for resource mobilization:

It Ensures Continuity And Consistency Of Service
When a company has a useful and updated website, they can provide excellent customer service. In modern times, people don’t feel very comfortable in picking up the phone.

Phonebooks are also now obsolete, and one simply cannot assume everyone has them or makes use of them. So it is helpful for customers to have a website where they can look up the number of a company and contact them for services.

Hence, a website is useful for resource mobilization as it helps in giving clients what they want when they want it. The company does not have to buy anything new, just keep their site updated.

For example, if a company provides assignment help, their services would need a website. Students are now usually more comfortable with looking for and hiring services online. The company here could also perform resources mobilization by expanding its services to include online assignment help.

It Allows For Improvement In Products And Services
Look up any company website, and there would be a space there for the customers’ feedback. Potential customers can visit this section and decide whether they want to make use of the company’s offerings or not.

This sort of feedback and testimonials are also helpful for a company. Positive feedback would enhance their reputation without additional advertising or marketing costs.

Plus, if a company’s managers are wise, they would make great use of a website to know which step to take next. If customers are complaining about a few specific things, it’s time to take action and rectify the issues.

This sort of learning through one’s own company website is a valuable and relatively inexpensive tool. It also requires less time and effort spent on market research or surveys which may have inaccuracies as well.

Hence, a company can really work with its resource mobilization when it has a working website on hand. It can also advertise its new launches and get direct information on how they would work in the market.

It Generates New Business
A company website is also a most valuable tool in generating new business for any kind of venture. Even if a business is quite well established in the market, a good website gives it a competitive edge.

Every company’s competitors are now online, so maintaining a proper online presence is necessary. Everyone is hooked onto their smartphones these days, and if a business makes use of this, it’s better for them.

There are several ways in which a website could work in bringing new business to a market player. First off, a website is a means for customers to look at the company’s products and services at any time of the day and night.

This is also much better than using the catalog system, as these tend to get thrown out after some time. With a website, every product old and new is available for viewing with a few taps of the fingers.

Furthermore, a website can also make it much easier for customers to start buying. With the shopping cart software of commercial websites, a company can make several sales with very little effort.

There is also a very little effort on the part of the consumers. This makes it easier for them to buy things, and hence they are tempted to buy more.

It Helps In Anticipating Needs
When a company’s website goes online, it opens itself up to many comments and queries. A smart marketing manager would be able to grasp what their targeted consumer is looking for.

A company’s marketing and R&D department could the work on delivering what customers want. As long as it is relevant to their line of business, they could work towards making customers very happy.

For example, a company that produces shoes may get a consistent query about athletic footwear on their website. Even though they may not start out providing this type of product, they could very well bring it in after they see the demand for it.

This would not only end up making existing customers happy but also bring in new ones. The result would be a great use of resource mobilization.
It Promotes Working Towards Institutional Sustainability
Any organization with a website could work towards improving its governance practices and work structure too. Employees also have a place to vent out their feelings, start petitions, or give credit to each other where it’s due.

For example, the employee of the month could have their own special display online. Their name and picture could come up when anyone accesses the website, or be permanently featured in a prominent place.

With such a motivating reward, employees would feel like their efforts were justified. They would thus work with a will and try to uberize their work process in order to get that coveted spot.

In this manner, a website could actually make the real-life office a better place to work. This would help you satisfy employees as well as impress customers who give importance to how a company’s workforce is treated.

Resource mobilization may sound like a hard concept to implement. However, if a company focuses on the working and capability of their website, resource mobilization is not a difficult task.

However, a company or organization must take care that their website is all it should be. Additionally, they should be open to changing and updating their websites according to the times. There’s nothing worse than an obsolete and outdated website.

Hence, any venture should develop and train a team of experts to keep an eye on the company website. This is because this website would give them valuable information, help in performing resource mobilization, and reap its benefits.


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