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How to write a proposal for a grant

It can be daunting at times to write a grant proposal. This can be especially true when there is so much work required to put into it. Among the many steps required include recognizing a problem in the area that you wish to help, thinking of a perfect program to match it and then pitching your proposal to a funding source. If you or your organisation have never applied for a grant, then you’ll be happy to know that if you do, your entire organization will benefit from the entire application process.

Identify Your Need
You must first identify a need for funding. Is there a specific need or problem that your community could benefit or be improved by from the use of a grant? You must also have total agreement from your community that there is a strong need for one.

Describe Your Achievement Goals
You got your problem identified, now you have to describe what your achievement goals will be. What kind of outcome do you want? What kind of impact do you want?

Create A Program Design
Creating a program design will help determine your programs path. There are many determining factors when developing the perfect path. Once you recognize them, then you can create your design. You’ll also need to obtain advice from a prospective funding source and determine if your idea has been done in the past.

Find The Perfect Sources For Funding
You are moving in the right direction and everything is set. Now you need to find the perfect resource for your grants funding. You need to locate the right people and any equipment that you will need to complete your project.

The easiest way to start is to ask family or friends and local organizations. Asking family or friends for the funding will give you a better chance of receiving the funds. For organizations, make sure that they have funded projects of a similar nature in the past. If they aren’t able to help, then you should be pointed to a source which can.

With the power of the internet, you can easily locate and apply for many grants offered through both local and federal governments. The federal website www.grants.gov is the perfect place to check first.

Start Writing
OK, you got all of your projects details set, now you have to get it all written down on the grant application. If you intend to apply to more than one funding source, make sure that each application is tailored for the correct funder. A lot of times a funder will require a certain style or format. Since most funders publicise winning proposals, make sure you review them so you know what the funder expects.

Make sure that you follow the application directions very carefully. Does the funder have page limits? If they do, then make sure to stick to them. If you feel you must have at least one more page, then get hold of the fund grantor and ask for permission. That way you won’t look like you can’t follow simple instructions.


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