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The obvious question asked in an interview

While going for an interview, you do not know what the interviewer is going to ask on the subject matter.

But there are many questions common in any interview and apparently these are the questions that create the base for

the interaction and a perception about you.

Following are some obvious questions you are asked during the interview.

Responses to these questions are quite contextual and may subject variance depending on region,

culture and language. Preparation to these may help you and make you quite comfortable during the interview.

Question 1: Tell us about yourself

This is the most important and common question asked in an interview. The response may start by introducing you with your native place, academic qualification, your previous and current jobs and details about your immediate family. You may also mention about hobby.

Please remember, the response time to this question should not exit 90 seconds.

Question 2: Why do you want to leave this job?

This may be the most difficult question. In the question more than the facts, the presentation of facts are important. The basic principle here is not to demonstrate any  disrespect to your existing employer. Do not hesitate if there is a financial reason for changing the job. The attitude toward your current work and employer is most important in this case.

Question 3: What do you know of our organization?

Understand the programme area/ business domain, Core experience and institutional philosophy of the organization is quite critical. Try to get details of branch offices (To have a fair idea about the reach), the top executives and total number of employees working in the organization.

There may be a related question, “Would you like to know something about our organization?”. Remember, this is an excellent opportunity. Do not ask the obvious question like “What is the turnover” or uneasy questions. Ask something that demonstrates your understanding about the organization leading to sharing of facts the interviewer would love to share.

Question 4: When can you join us?

Never hurry or show any urgency… Tell the notice period you have to serve in your current organization. If they insist, ask them time so that you can speak to your existing employer. It is also advisable not to agree on compromise of the notice period in lieu financial payment. This may not have immediate implication but may not reflect well in your profile.

Question 5: Do you know the job profile??

Before going for the interview, read the job profile properly (may be twice). There will be some area of strength and weakness of your profile with respect to the job profile. Keep that in mind, it will help. Most of the time you forgot to save the job profile after applying for the job. This is one of the common mistakes done by the most. The best way address this is to save the JD with the email so that you can access it quickly.



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