Adaptation Resource Mobilization Consultant

Global Green Growth Institute

Mexico City, Mexico

GGGI Mexico has a growing portfolio of programs managing a diverse set of programs and projects focused on four key thematic areas of energy, green cities, water, and land-use as well as the cross-cutting areas of climate change and socially inclusive development, all of which contribute significantly to the potential for achieving green growth in Mexico.

Following these thematic areas, GGGI Mexico requires technical support for the development of a Roadmap for the Implementation of the NDC, in its adaptation component, that will be the basis to define the strategy of the for the Government of Mexico and the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) for the achievement of the goals set forth in the updated NDC presented at COP 27 in 2022.

To this end, GGGI seeks technical support to identify adaptation action that contribute to Mexico’s adaptation NDC goals and develop project concept notes and proposals to mobilize resources for the implementation of adaptation actions or of enabling elements that will foster the reduction of vulnerability and increase of resilience in Mexico.  

Also, within this context, the adaptation resource mobilization consultant is needed to support GGGI Mexico in technical discussions with government and other key stakeholders.


GGGI is supporting SEMARNAT in the development of technical elements to develop a roadmap for the implementation of the adaptation component of the updated NDC. This proposal will identify early priority adaptation projects for the country.

The objective of the consultancy is support GGGI Mexico in the identification of these priority adaptation actions under its NDC for the development of at least three concept notes to be submitted to international donors or climate finance providers according to the corresponding guidance and requirements from donors such as the GCF, GEF, IDB, Adaptation Fund, etc. The concept notes must be based on the following non-exhaustive list of elements upon the needs assessment activities: climate and oceanic observations and projections, climate risk assessments including limits of adaptation, designing of adaptation projects and measures, M&E adaptation mechanisms, and funding sustainability strategy(ies).



The consultancy must carry out at least the following activities:

Review Mexico’s NDC adaptation component to identify ten (at least 10) priority and short-term feasible adaptation actions and identify the most suitable donor for each action. 
Conduct a validation exercise with relevant public stakeholders and GGGI staff for the short-listing and selection of the adaptation actions to be carried over to concept notes or proposals.
Deliver two (2) concept notes following guidance, protocols, requirements, templates, and formats indicated by the donor or selected fund (to be determined jointly with GGGI). This might include to: i) conduct Complementarity Analysis reviewing ongoing projects or to be implemented with international funds, ii) assess national policies, priorities and needs in adaptation to climate change to identify adaptation gaps and national capacities, considering a gender approach, iii) assess national adaptation, iv) support in the facilitation of stakeholder participation processes, by identifying relevant stakeholders at national and subnational levels, and from civil society and non-governmental organizations (CSO and NGO) ; and by developing interactive tools for input collection.  

Under direct supervision of GGGI’s LAC MRV & NDC Enhancement Officer, and in close collaboration with the GGGI country team, the consultant will develop the following deliverables by the end of the consultancy: 

Develop one (1) detailed work plan that includes at least the following aspects: 
  • methodology, approach, phases, deadlines, and responsibilities.
  • Detailed timeline
Projects identification report:
  • Review Mexico’s adaptation priorities indicated by its NDC and other relevant national policy to identify adaptation actions to develop ten (10) Project Idea Notes (PIN)[i] with feasibility to be implemented in the short-term while contributing to Mexico’s climate goals. The proposed PINs must (theoretically) reduce vulnerability to climate change and increase resilience of the most vulnerable communities in the country, avoid generating social, economic, or environmental externalities during their implementation and lifetime, and (if possible) generate synergies with Mexico’s NDC mitigation component.
Validation workshop report:
  • Conduct 1 workshop with key public stakeholders to select two (2) PIN to be translated into concept notes or project proposals to the identified donors. To conduct the workshop the consultant will prepare a presentation indicating the goal, location, stakeholders, donor, scope, and high-level budget. Additionally, the consultant will provide an executive dossier (printed) to each participant. The consultant will conduct a feedback collection mechanism to systematize and make transparent the selected adaptation projects. The report will include all materials used during the workshop, the systematize feedback indicating the final adaptation projects selection, and the list a signed list of participants.
Draft concept notes:
  • Deliver at least one (1) full and one (1) draft concept notes in the corresponding template based on the findings from all previous deliverables. All deliverables (documents with their annexes and infographics, schematics, tables, diagrams, cartography, and the other graphic aspects developed to facilitate the understanding of the technical contents) will be delivered in a digital medium, in open files that allow their editing.
Expertise Required:

The consultant must meet the following requirements:
  • Professional with a postgraduate degree in natural sciences, engineering, applied economics (e.g. climate change, environmental), biology, geography, or environmental science (management).
  • At least 8 years of relevant professional experience in the field of climate change adaptation.
  • Professional experience of at least eight (8) years in the field of climate change adaptation, of which four (4) years are in projects´ formulation, adaptation planning, M&E for adaptation, implementation of adaptation actions, mainstreaming of adaptation in national policies, and EWS.
  • Knowledge in the development of climate policy, strategy or plans at national and subnational level.
  • Proven experience designing and formulating projects related to environmental sustainability, biodiversity conservation, and climate change adaptation for international funds or multilateral development banks.
  • Proven experience working with International Finance Institutions and Multilateral Development Banks, or other international organizations is an advantage.
  • Proven experience in conducting risk and vulnerability assessments is highly desirable.
  • Proven experience in water and food security, EWS, flood management, and NbS and EbA is highly desirable.
  • Experience coordinating large climate change adaptation programmes/projects at the national or international scale.
  • Previous work experience in Mexico’s public sector institutions, international organizations or private sector companies working on climate change adaptation initiatives is highly desired.
  • Experience designing and conducting stakeholders' consultation processes is an advantage.
  • Fluent in English and Spanish (written and verbal, minimum B2 level)
  • Strong skills in assertive communication.
  • Ability to produce deliverables with minimal supervision.
  • Only applications in English will be evaluated.