Internship Communications And Public Engagement

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

Cairo, Canada

Experience: 0 to 3 Years

Skill Required: Media and Communication

The Division for Communications and Public Engagement reports directly to the Office of the Director-General. The team oversees the implementation of the Organization’s communication strategy and ensures the coordination and delivery of communications (external and internal) to meet the sectors’ and Field Office’s needs. This includes the drafting and editing of content for the Organization’s website, press relations and press review, social media channels, communications campaigns, public events, media partnerships and publications.

Interns will have the opportunity to assist in the various projects of the Division and help assure visibility is given to all the Organization’s activities across multiple platforms, digital and traditional.

The work entrusted falls into one or more of the following domains:


Social media:
  • Assist in preparation for communication and social media campaigns. 
  • Assist in drafting and translation or editing of social media assets.
  • Assist in graphic design for social media and other digital platforms. 
  • Assist in on-site interview filming and postproduction.
  • Assist in the creation of newsletters.
  • Assist in editorial scheduling of social media assets, and social media analytics. 
  • Assist in the creation of new websites. 
  • Translation or editing of contents.
  • Assist in the drafting of technical and editorial documentation.
  • Upload of content on the website or other content management tools, such as Trello, etc.
  • Summary/analytical tasks, assessing audience and communications impact.
  • Support the creation of appropriate SEO reports.
  • Web mastering, editing and graphic design.
  • Assist in maintaining and improving the Web ecosystem (knowledge of programming languages and sysops skills are required).
  • Translation of press releases and media advisories.
  • Preparation of daily press briefings.
  • Preparation of content to the press; sending of press releases; update of mailing lists.
  • Support for special on-site events. 
  • Participate in shooting and post-production.
  • Organize and catalogue images.
Publishing and Branding: 
  • Provide editorial and technical assistance on publication projects.
  • Help in photo research and sourcing for publications and brochures.
  • Contribute to projects linked to promoting the UNESCO brand.
  • Assistance on IPR issues including open access, co-publishing and licensing agreements as well as responding to permissions requests.
  • Supporting the internal quality control process including checking author contracts as part of ISBN process.
UNESCO Campuses: 
  • Assist in the organization of thematic on-site or online conferences-debates for middle and high school classes around the world, incl. liaising with attendees and administrative support.
  • Undertake research of schools around the world and contribute to the enrichment of a database.
  • Participate in the development of a communication strategy and preparation of contents for social networks and UNESCO Campus web page.
Green Citizens Initiative: 
  • Drafting of articles for the Green Citizens platform and Newsletter. 
  • Contribution to the improvement of the platform’s SEO for the digital communication of the campaign. 
  • Contribution to the development of relations with universities/student’s associations to generate volunteering proposals to align with UGC projects. Assist in tasks related to communication partners. Elaboration of visibility reports (website/social media/press).
  • Find speaking opportunities for Green Citizens (events, media etc).
UNESCO Courier magazine:
  • Assistance in selecting, editing and publishing articles, pictures, videos via the new media. 
  • Review existing articles and assist with the translation and page layout online.
  • Communicate with partners and facilitate the readership to the magazine.
  • Contribute to development of a distribution network.
  • Assist in the promotion and marketing of the magazine.
Required Qualifications:
  • You must be at least 20 years old to apply.
At the time of your application to the internship programme:
  • You are currently enrolled in a graduate programme (Master’s degree, PhD, or equivalent, second university degree or higher).
  • You have recently graduated with a Master’s degree or PhD (or second degree as defined above), 12 months prior to the start of the internship.
  • Please note that candidates who have completed their full-time bachelor's degree but are not enrolled in a graduate programme are not eligible to apply.
  • Applicants in secretarial/assistant or technical/professional assignments must be enrolled in a secretarial school or in a specialized technical/professional institution, and must have reached the last year of their studies, or have recently graduated (within the last 12 months) from their school or institution.  
  • You should have an excellent command, both written and spoken, of English or French. A working knowledge of the other language (English or French) is an asset, and may be required for internships in secretarial and assistantship assignments at the Headquarters.
Computer skills:
  • You must have an excellent knowledge of computer systems and office-related software.