About this position

We seek a consultant who will assist the Fiscal Management Division (IFD/FMM) project team leaders throughout the preparation, processing, and execution of the Bank's operations (including loans, technical cooperation, knowledge products, operational inputs, and loan results reports). Provide technical and analytical support to the Division's project team leaders in their operational and administrative activities.

IFD/FMM supports the efforts of the governments of Latin America and the Caribbean to reinforce their fiscal policy and management at both the national and subnational levels to boost economic development and reduce inequality and poverty. IFD/FMM's main work areas are tax policy and administration, public expenditure policy and administration, subnational fiscal policy and administration, fiscal sustainability, macro-fiscal policy, and fiscal transparency.

What you’ll do

  • Gather information and background data for specific operations, selecting and organizing documentation to be used by the team in the development of operational documents.
  • Participate in drafting, proofreading, and processing operational documents before their submission to the different committees throughout the project cycle, in order to guarantee the consistency, integrity and quality of the final product, as well as the correct application of the corresponding guides and procedures.
  • Provide guidance to project team leaders in HQ and Country Offices on the preparation, scheduling, and processing of Bank operations.
  • Establish and monitor calendar for the preparation of operations, ensuring teams understand their obligations and the relevant milestones for its final approval.
  • Prepare memos and other communications required for document processing and distribution (example aide memoires).
  • As assigned, maintain and update operation and mission related activities within Bank Systems.
  • Follow up on the status of the Division pipeline of loan operations and technical cooperation, as well as Project Completion Report’s and other relevant products.
  • Publish approved documents in the Bank’s Internet website, as regulated by policy OP‑102 and document GN-1831-36.
  • Provide support, when necessary, on the processing of firm’s contracts as well as helping on the contract administration, (using pertinent bank systems) and payment processing requests.
  • Support all administrative tasks that accompany the operations under the assigned portfolio.
  • Have knowledge of regulations/norms and procedures of the Bank to effectively perform each of the processes under responsibility.
  • Provide logistical and administrative support, when needed in the organization of seminars, conferences, and meetings of the Division.
  • Other tasks as needed.

What you'll need

  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in business administration, or other fields relevant to the responsibilities of the role. 
  • Experience: 2 years of relevant work experience preferred. Having worked at the IDB is a plus.
  • Languages: Proficiency in Spanish and English, spoken and written, is required. Additional knowledge of French and Portuguese is preferable. 

Source: https://iadbcareers.referrals.selectminds.com/jobs/project-assistant-consultant-of-the-fiscal-management-division-6147