Protection Analysis Specialist

Danish Refugee Council

Copenhagen, Denmark

Experience: 5 to 10 Years

Skill Required :

The GPC endorsed Protection Analytical Framework (PAF) addressed a long-standing gap of having an agreed core approach to protection analysis. Building upon the development and rollout of the PAF in 2021, DRC in collaboration with the GPC, UNHCR, OCHA, and UNDCO will implement a project aiming to strengthen collective protection analysis, informing protection sectoral and broader humanitarian and development planning and response. The project will focus on building capacity and providing ongoing support to five Protection Clusters and their members in undertaking protection analysis and using Data Entry and Exploration Platform (DEEP), a technological solution to support in the collation and production of descriptive protection analysis. The project will support joint protection analysis workshops bringing together Protection sectoral, other humanitarian and development actors to validate and draw interpretive analysis conclusions that are incorporated into Humanitarian Needs Overview (HNO) and Common Country Analysis (CCA) analytical processes. Lessons learnt and best practices will be documented throughout the project, consolidated at the end, and disseminated with the aim to inform future protection analysis processes, using PAF as the approach and DEEP as a technical solution, in Protection Clusters globally. 

Who are we?

Danish Refugee Council is Denmark’s largest Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), and a global leader in forced displacement. Human rights and the humanitarian principles are the core of how we approach our work as an independent organisation. We aim to provide protection of refugees and internally displaced persons in situations of conflict and persecution while promoting lasting solutions to problems that arise from displacement.

About the job

This position will lead a Bureau of Humanitarian Affairs (BHA) funded protection analysis project aimed at strengthening collective protection analysis that informs protection sectoral and broader humanitarian and development planning and response. In this role, the position will be responsible for overall project implementation and collaboration with partner organisations, country level Protection Clusters, and other key stakeholders.

The Protection Analysis Specialist will be supported by two Senior Analysists and a Grants and Finance Officer.

The Protection Analysis Specialist main duties and responsibilities will be:

Protection analysis technical leadership and support:

  • Provide overall protection analysis project leadership and technical guidance
  • Lead all project activities including contextualisation of PAF, application and use of DEEP as a technical solution, joint analysis workshops, and production of protection analysis reports,
  • Ensure ongoing documentation of lessons learnt and best practices in relation to the application of PAF, DEEP and protection analysis processes

Capacity building and training:

  • Lead country level protection analysis baselines in five pilot countries
  • Lead the development of PAF and DEEP blended training materials and rollout of protection analysis training
  • Lead and facilitate protection analysis training to Protection Clusters and their members
  • Provide ongoing mentoring and coaching to Protection Clusters

Coordination and collaboration:

  • Lead global coordination efforts including with the project strategic advisory group, the IAWG and other stakeholders as relevant
  • Ensure coordination and collaboration with Protection Clusters and members, and other stakeholders at country level

Project Management:

  • Responsible for the management of the project, including programmatic, financial and grant management while ensuring programmatic and financial obligations are adhered to and achieved
  • Ensure internal DRC and donor programmatic and financial reporting, in collaboration with DRC’s Grants and Finance Officer

Requirements for the position:

  • Experience in needs assessment, analysis and supporting joint analysis processes
  • Extensive interest and experience in solving problems related to analysis
  • Experience of working with Protection Analytical Framework (PAF) 
  • Understanding of humanitarian and development coordination architecture and IM ecosystem 
  • Strong inter-personal skills and ability to establish and maintain effective partnerships and working relations in a multicultural, multi-ethnic environment
  • Demonstrated experience in project management 
  • Highly motivated with strong attention to detail
  • Demonstrable ability to work independently as well as part of a team
  • Willing to travel to field and other locations