Research Assistant

WorldFish is an international, non-profit research and innovation organization reducing hunger, malnutrition and poverty across Africa, Asia and the Pacific. For over 45 years, our work on sustainable aquaculture and fisheries has improved the lives of millions of women, men and youth.

Fish and other aquatic foods grown in and harvested from oceans, lakes, rivers and ponds provide income for more than 800 million people and provide 3.3 billion with 20% of their animal protein intake. Our focus on sustainability makes sure that the way we produce and use these foods today means a plentiful future of generations to come.

Our evidence-based solutions range in scale from households to global policies and spans across six interlinked themes: nutrition, gender, climate, sustainability, economy and COVID-19. We champion aquatic foods for healthy people and planet and believe that a sustainable blue planet of well-nourished children, women and men is within our reach.

About the Position

WorldFish is seeking a nationally recruited Research Assistant to support the achievement of the project goal in Malaysia and globally. The primary purpose of this position is to support the aquaculture research activities of the project in Penang, Malaysia. The candidate will work in an interdisciplinary team of experts from different backgrounds, including fish nutrition, gender, climate change, scaling of innovations, science communication, rural development and bioprocesses.

The candidate will focus on the rearing of fish in the aquaculture facility, the operation and maintenance of the aquaculture facility, the collection of data of fish growth and water quality parameters, fish sampling, sample collection and processing, feed production, and support in the analysis of ingredients, feeds and fish samples at the analytical laboratory in Penang, Malaysia, under the direction of WorldFish Project Leader and Senior Scientist based in Malaysia.

The Successful Candidate will

  • Organize, operate and maintain the materials and equipment in the research facility (wet laboratory) for fish feeds and nutrition research in Penang, Malaysia.
  • Assist in the planning of experiments in Penang, Malaysia.
  • Rear fish, collect data on fish growth and water quality before, during and after the experiments.
  • Sample fish and process the samples to make them ready for analysis.
  • Assist the scientists and laboratory assistants in Penang to achieve the overall research agenda of the fish feeds and nutrition team.
  • Work collaboratively with the Operations and Laboratory Manager of WorldFish Penang to ensure that the activities of the research facility comply with the rules and regulations of WorldFish.
  • Guide students and intern welcomed by the Project Leader and Senior Scientist based in Malaysia.


This job might be for you if you have the below skills and qualifications:

  • A Diploma or Bachelor Degree in related field.
  • Knowledge in aquaculture and fisheries.
  • Practical experience raising fish for research (fish feeding, caring and breeding; monitoring of fish growth and health, etc.).
  • Practical experience operating and maintaining a fish rearing facility.
  • Knowledge of many production systems (tanks, pond, flow through and recirculating aquaculture systems).
  • Knowledge in the collection of research data.
  • Knowledge in feed production using pelletizer, dryer, etc.
  • Ability and willingness to work for long hours, under difficult field conditions and some weekends especially during experimental periods.

Desired Skills and Qualifications

  • Spoken English
  • Ability to work under minimal supervision