Senior Finance Officer - Talent and Learning

Vice-Presidency Context

The mission of the Budget, Performance Review, and Strategic Planning (BPS) Vice Presidency Unit (VPU) is providing the World Bank with trusted advice on financial analysis and business planning.  In executing this mission BPS is organized into three Departments: BPS Strategic Planning (BPSSP) with teams supporting the corporate strategic business and budget planning process; BPS Operations Units (BPSOU) with teams supporting Practice Groups and Regions; and BPS Corporate Units (BPSCU) with teams supporting corporate units, providing capital budget support, and providing BPS systems, knowledge, and shared services.

BPS’ service delivery model has three core roles:  (1) Business Partners (serving clients directly with focus on decision support and performance oversight);  (2) Centers of Expertise (providing thought-leadership and analytics, designing business finance policies, practices and systems, and coordinating knowledge management); and (3) Service Center (managing delivery of high volume and transactional and reporting services across Bank, including help desk support to clients).

Hiring Unit Context

  • BPS is looking to hire a Senior Finance Officer for the BPS Solutions (BPSSO) team. BPSSO is one of BPS’s Centers of Expertise whose purpose is to provide excellent, sustainable, and valued data, knowledge, processing, reporting and systems solutions to enable BPS and its clients determine and manage budget-related resources efficiently and effectively, in full compliance with applicable policy and regulatory requirements. The Senior Finance Officer will work closely with the BPS Talent Committee and report to the BPSSO Manager. 

Duties and Responsibilities

The Senior Finance Officer will be responsible for overseeing management and delivery of BPS talent management initiatives, including but not limited to:

  • Management of BPS talent-related initiatives and programs. 
  • Leading the implementation of the talent and learning Program team’s annual work program.
  • Developing performance indicators to measure impact and effectiveness of BPS talent management and learning initiatives.
  • Leading and overseeing relationships with external institutions and professional bodies.
  • Leading stakeholder engagement by collaborating with key stakeholders such as BPS Leadership Team, FCAP Partners and HR to understand learning needs and ensure alignment with BPS priorities. 
  • Leading technology integration by leveraging learning technologies and platforms to enhance the BPS learning program delivery, tracking, and evaluation.
  • Leading and managing the talent management and learning program team by providing guidance, support, and mentorship.

Selection Criteria

  • Master’s degree in accounting, Business, Finance, Management, or other relevant discipline required to fulfill position specific requirements or non-Finance bachelor’s degree plus an internationally recognized completed professional accounting qualification (e.g., CPA, CA, ACCA, CGMA, CMA).
  • 5 years relevant experience across two units (Country Office, non‐BPS, or recent external experience would fulfill second unit requirement).
  • Strong interest in staff development and learning and commitment to staying updated on emerging trends, best practices, and technologies in staff career management.
  • Ability to write well and present information in a concise, clear, and diplomatic manner. 
  • Strong client relationship management experience and skills.
  • Excellent team player with good project management skills.
  • Experience in and ability to work with ICT tools, digital platforms for data management and social networking.
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills, with a team player attitude and a proven track record of working effectively in a multicultural team with staff at all levels, and in building common goals in teams with diverse views.
  • Excellent communication and people skills.
  • Exceptional organizational and coordination skills.
  • Track record of leadership in implementing collaborative solutions across different units.
  • Strong leadership skills and experience managing a team.