Senior Investment Promotion and Regional Cooperation Specialist

Contribute to the development and implementation of IsDB’s programs on improving investment promotion and economic cooperation among member countries. Develop and implement the work program and activities in this field by examining the issues, identifying/assessing the needs, identifying required priority interventions and planning dynamic integration for investment promotion activities. Conduct analytical work and participate in holding policy dialogue with the Governments, multilateral institutions and Investment Promotion Intermediaries to promote and facilitate the implementation of IsDB policies, strategies and programs for the promotion of regional cooperation and integration (RCI). Contribute to the management and monitoring of the work program of the Department.

Key Accountabilities:

Policy and Strategic Planning

  • Undertake background research and analytical work for policy and strategy formulation and support the lead specialist in the dissemination of the new strategy and policy.
  • Support the implementation of the IsDB’s RCI strategy, RCI Business Plans, Investment Promotion Technical Assistance Program (ITAP) and work programs in the area of regional cooperation and market integration.
  • Conduct background research and support the lead specialists in undertaking analytical/economic/investment promotion identification work during Member Country Partnership Strategy (MCPS) and programming missions.
  • Provide support in the harmonization of policies and procedures governing investment promotion at MCs.
  • Contribute to the business environment assessment exercise initiated by the Department.

Operations and Partnership Activities

  • Contribute to the development of the work program related to investment promotion and economic cooperation.
  • Provide technical support for designing and improving the Country’s capabilities to encourage, support, and promote investments to local and foreign investors.
  • Undertake technical work to assess the investment opportunities in the priority global value-chains to support member countries’ development.
  • Provide technical support to manage a repository of partnerships in collaboration with external organizations and institutions, such as WAIPA, ICDT, UNCTAD, COMCEC, etc on behalf of the IsDB on matters related to cooperation and coordination between Member Countries.
  • Identify, and prepare background notes, and proposals as well as support in engagement with Investment Promotion Intermediaries (IPIs), and traditional and new partners to mobilize technical and financial resources for ITAP-led programs.
  • Oversee the portfolio of investment promotion and cooperation activities, conduct portfolio analysis, and follow up and coordinate with the Project Implementation Units (PIU) in a country where ITAP has operations.
  • Provide technical support to fundraising efforts to finance the programs developed by ITAP and other economic cooperation activities.
  • Manage a network of contacts with other organizations and keep track of programs that support investment promotion in IsDB Group member countries.
  • Assist in the coordination of ITAP work with other IsDB Group entities in the areas of mutual interest for IsDB Group member countries.
  • Organize investment promotion and cooperation events in collaboration with development partners.
  • Contribute to the RCI team in ensuring complementarity between ITAP operations and IsDB’s trade promotion/facilitation and market integration activities.

Knowledge, Analytical and Advisory

  • Contribute to analytical work in relation to Investment Promotion to examine the issues, identify/assess the needs and required priority interventions, prepare related policy briefs/notes, and keep abreast of international developments and advancements across domestic and foreign investment promotion.
  • Assist the management in the transfer of knowledge on investment promotion to other staff within the IsDB Group and externally to MCs to ensure awareness.
  • Assist in the organization of knowledge sharing and dissemination events on investment promotion and economic cooperation activities of the Bank.
  • Undertake analysis of ongoing and completed programs to draw lessons and contribute to the development of best practice notes.


  • Contribute to the preparation of regular internal status reports on all investment promotion activities within the IsDB Group and highlight any concerning areas, success stories and keep the management abreast of the work status.
  • Assist the lead specialists in the preparation of reports for external use to demonstrate and provide required information regarding investment promotion.
  • Prepare background and follow-up documents, reports and papers relating to conferences and meetings organized by OIC, its Institutions and Standing Committees.

Academic and professional qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in economics, business administration, finance, International Development, or investment promotion-related fields.
  • Master’s degree in economics, business administration, finance, International Development, or investment promotion-related fields is preferred.
  • Minimum 8 years of relevant experience in international cooperation and related fields.

Skills & Necessary Knowledge:

  • Advanced problem-solving knowledge
  • Advanced analytical thinking
  • Advanced adaptability
  • Proficient forecasting ability
  • Passion for excellence
  • Advanced drive for results
  • Proficient in planning and organizing
  • Proficient in partnership management
  • Communication effectiveness (oral and written)
  • Facilitation and evaluation
  • Investments products knowledge
  • International development cooperation knowledge
  • Marketing and public relations
  • Stakeholder management / client orientation
  • Teamwork
  • Project documentation


  • English - Mandatory
  • Arabic - Preferred
  • French - Preferred