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Leveraging Social Media for Development

Erica Silva 12-May-2022

When it comes to non-profit organizations, there are a lot of challenges with public relations. These organizations do meaningful work, but no one seems to notice. The main reason behind this is that large public relation campaigns are expensive. They require investment in money and time, luxuries only some can afford.Relationship building is the core of any development campaign. There has to be an easy way of outreach in this sector. That’s when social media comes in. Many non-profits use letters, emails and telephone fundraisers while overlooking the opportunity in social media.

Working in a Conflict Zone

Alice Berg 12-May-2022

We all have stories about working in dysfunctional offices, with whacky colleagues and under stressful deadlines. But even this cannot compare to working in a conflict zone, a place that is ravaged by war. If you have such experience, it can make your resume instantly attractive for employers.There are, of course, many challenges associated with working in a conflict zone.

Career in Human rights

Gloria Kopp 12-May-2022

Working in the field of human rights is an astonishingly rewarding career. To be the advocate of another’s person’s basic human rights, especially when they can’t voice their own, is incredibly noble and leads to a life of fulfillment and reward. You’ve decided that you are ready to make the world a fair place, but how do you go about finding a career in human rights given there are many options? The key ingredient any potential employer wants to see is experience and motivation. Show them that you have this by the stockpile and you’re ready to kick-start your career!

Your Time to Shine: How to Be a Good Employee at Your New Job

Editor 11-May-2022

Now that the nerve-racking job interview is out of the way, new hires can start settling in their new workplace. But just when they think the worst is over, they’ll start to realize otherwise.

How to Find the Right Employees

James Daniels 11-May-2022

Trying to find the right employees might seem like an easy task to conduct, but far too many people underestimate how difficult the process actually is. From first looking through resumes to interviewing and then finally hiring, this is a time-consuming but important task to get right. When time is of the essence in a business, you cannot afford to waste your time hiring the wrong employees. Hiring the wrong person will only mean that you have to start the job hunt all over again. This means wasted hours, productivity, and money. However, how do you find employees, and how do you know they are the right person for the job?

How To Get Ahead Climb The Corporate Ladder

James Daniels 11-May-2022

Many people want to develop their career and climb the ladder but either does not know how to go about doing this or they are not willing to put the work in. Climbing the ladder is challenging and it will take some time, but when you know how to get ahead in your career it can help you to do this faster while also helping you to stay motivated. There are sure to be difficult times and you must be willing to go the extra mile and take risks, but it will all be worthwhile if you are able to climb the ladder and achieve your career goals.

How Can You Pass the Wonderlic Test?

Editor 11-May-2022

The Wonderlic test is known to be a very challenging exam, usually used when hiring someone for a new role. As hiring is an extremely expensive process, it is important that employers make the right choice straight away.

Do I really want to work in development sector?

Heba Maher 11-May-2022

Among the different professional sectors, among the enormous number of professional skills needed in the market, among the various motives for work, why choosing a career in development in the first place?

6 Reasons Why Employees Lose Motivation

James Daniels 11-May-2022

In order for a team of people to function at their best and succeed as a unit, they need to be motivated, engaged and committed to the organization and its vision. If employees are not made to feel valued and useful to the success of the business, they will start to feel

5 Technology Careers of The Future

James Daniels 11-May-2022

It is no secret that the tech industry is going through extraordinary growth right now, and this shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. There have been many incredible advances made in the tech field in the last 10 years and technology now plays a bigger role in more areas of life than ever before.