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Cloud Computing Industry Is the Place to Be!

Ambika Tarini 11-May-2022

Companies of all sizes are increasingly adopting cloud technology. A survey conducted by IDG, involving 550 technology decision makers revealed that 73% of companies have already adopted cloud technology and 17% plan to do so in the next one year. With cloud computing expanding rapidly, there has been a spike in demand for cloud computing experts. The 2018 IDG Cloud Computing study further revealed that cloud migration has led to creation of new roles and functions within the IT department. So, for IT professionals with the right skill set or recent graduates, cloud computing industry is the place to be!

Thinking of a Career in Emergency Management?

Nicole Pelette 11-May-2022

It is likely that most students who are still in high school have not heard about emergency management even from their career guidance counselor. It is a career path that people rarely discuss. However, any person who has qualified for the career can easily earn the skills and knowledge from numerous reputable universities and colleges across the world. It may come in varying names like disaster management, disaster and emergency management or a number of others, but they all teach the same skills. Qualified emergency management experts will find their skills in demand in the world of today since they can fit in many institutions. Their numbers are also relatively few, which should be a motivation to take up this course of study.

How to make a decision when you get multiple jobs offers

Nathan William 11-May-2022

It’s time to celebrate I believe? All your hard work and industry knowledge are finally about to pay off, and you cannot be more excited about it, especially when there are multiple job offers flooding your mailbox. That’s where you need to hold your horses; stay calm, think it over and make a decision worth appreciating your entire life. In case you are confused and over excited to see too many job offers knocking on your order, take some time out to read through the following suggestions. It might just help you to make the right decision in the long run.

Current Hiring Practices and Trends in the Development Sector.

David Mackenzie 11-May-2022

Aspiring international development workers, diplomats, and change-makers within the development sector (from social enterprises to those in the private and corporate sectors) need to know and acknowledge the trends and challenges currently being experienced in the development sector.But with economic growth continuing to disappoint with the same trend remaining globally widespread, collaborative partnerships are required to combat deteriorating labour market conditions and rising global unemployment.

Gender equity in Development Sector

Luisa Brenton 11-May-2022

Naturally, most people who work in the development sector is pretty open minded about gender equality. After all, together we’re trying to make the world a better place for people. And quite often the people we’re in the best position to help and who can make the biggest difference to their country if helped are women.

Corporate Social Responsibility in India: The Changing paradigm

Philip Bryant 11-May-2022

The new world order where corporate wars remain the talk of the day for over decades has brought both negative appraisals and positive impacts. Despite the fact that conflict still exists in a few countries in the world, India together with other nation in the world has seen the sense for the need for an efficient and necessary corporate social responsibility.

Why Funding For Developing Countries is done?

Marlin Wright 11-May-2022

The major questions that come frequently to mind are: What is the need for funding? Is funding can only for less developed countries? What makes developed countries to fund them?

Things to do to Change up Your Career

James Daniels 09-Mar-2022

Your career is a massive part of who you are. Although you might not feel like it fully reflects you, it is a major part of your life. This is why you should always try to have a career you can resonate with and enjoy. Doing this will make your life considerably more enjoyable. However, it can become easy for your career to seem stale and dull. If this occurs, then it can make getting out of bed in the morning very difficult. To avoid this from happening, you should freshen up your career. If you are unsure of how to do this, consider some of the following.

3 Ways to Find Quality IT Professionals in 2022

Editor 16-Feb-2022

If you own an IT company, you know that quality hires are critical to your business’s long-term success, but finding employees with the exact skills and qualities you’ve outlined for each role can be difficult. IT professionals are honing their skills to impress the top companies, but that doesn’t mean you’ll find the right candidate in your area that’s available to work right away and will fit into your company culture.

Interesting Career Options in Contemporary Times – Grassroots Experience

Barbara Elliot 11-Feb-2022

Emerging career options in the development sector (Health, Education, Climate Change, Social Inclusion) If you follow the novelties and trends in the field of work – this is a reasonable investment in managing your career. New technologies, laws, and changes in the world economy create new professions, for example: