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Microcredit in Developing Countries for Small Scale Livelihoods

John Elijah 18-Nov-2017

The lack of access to funds for the poor in many countries of Asia, Latin America, and Africa, is due to the unavailability of collateral. Since the poor of these countries do not have any asset that they can provide as security. Thus, the idea of poverty alleviation remains elusive for many. Moneylenders and traditional financial institutions do not trust in their ability to pay the loan back.

Working with Bonded Labours

John Elijah 23-Nov-2017

Bond labor involves enslaving someone to work for another person or organization because they owe them money. Sometimes, they have some other problems because of which they need to serve someone. The different names for bonded labor include debt bondage and peonage. Sometimes, the person may be providing services as collateral. In many cases, they inherit a loan from their parents which they could not pay back.Why Is It Bad?

Working Experience In Conflict Zone

Rachel Summers 30-Nov-2017

There’s a lot of aid that’s currently being sent over to fragile states, and that means that charities and other organisations need you. They need people to go to these states and work with the people the organisation is helping, and you could be that person. Here’s what you need to know if you want to gain experience in such roles, and what you’ll need to know before you go.

How to Work Safely in a Conflict Zone

Makeda Waterman 06-Dec-2017

The call of duty attracts top talent from around the world to working in a conflict zone. The expectation to perform at a high level as a professional can be altered by the events that occur in your environment. To make the best of the experience, you need to mentally be prepared for conditions of working at a refugee camp, a location experiencing a natural disaster or a post-war situation.

Child Labor in Developing Countries

Alaine Gordon 11-Dec-2017

The trend of globalization has taken many third-world countries and unprepared regions by storm. While huge markets like China, North America and Western Europe continue to thrive and develop, more and more people find themselves on the brink of starvation.

WHO standards on Nutritional Growth

Abraham K. Jarrett 18-Dec-2017

Today we are going to learn about WHO standards on Nutritional Growth of children’s all over the world. But at first we will have to know about following things.

CSR to address Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for India

Abraham K. Jarrett 26-Dec-2017

The world might have been a better place to live if we all could join forces and work towards the betterment of the society, and make it more habitable for the generations to come. The concept of sustainable development isn’t much different from the aforesaid thought and it has been the center of many crucial discussions that have taken place in the last couple of years.

Disability and Appropriate Technology in developing countries

Siena William 04-Jan-2018

It had been a norm to officially address disability with a promise to offer rehabilitation. Even though some activists detest the word ‘rehabilitation’, and while their intentions must be appreciated, but that doesn’t mean rehabilitation isn’t required. For some deformed individuals, the process can be immensely essential, particularly if it enables them to function on a day-to-day basis, become more self-sufficient and voice their concerns.

What the crowd funding is about on the Social Media and how to get it right?

Siena William 04-Jan-2018

One of the greatest advantages of crowd funding is its capacity to harness and channelize the impact of social media to gather support for a business project. While the initiation of such campaigns starts with those closest to the ones who lead the project, social media is undeniably the ideal way to reach out to the masses, other than your immediate friends and family.

What is the Difference between CSR and traditional funding?

Ashley Kornee 04-Jan-2018

Fund-raising. It’s difficult; it’s highly competitive; and it can be costly. Most of all, it is impossible to know how much you will raise through traditional methods. These include mailings, media advertising,fund-raising events, meetings, face-to-face begging, and a host of other activities that take time, planning, and money.

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