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Know all about United Nations Volunteers (UNV)

Editorial 13-May-2022

Volunteerism is a powerful means of engaging people in tackling development challenges, and it can transform the pace and nature of development.

Career in knowledge management in Development sector

Ashley Kornee 13-May-2022

“Knowledge is power.” This statement was made by Francis Bacon in 1668. Not much has changed since then. Every organization depends upon accurate and thorough knowledge in order to make the right decisions.Knowledge management is that function in an organization which gathers knowledge and gets it to the right people at the right times, so that those individuals have the information they need as the engage in problem-solving and decision-making.

Career in Knowledge Management

Editorial 13-May-2022

Knowledge Management (KM) is a relatively new and emerging profession in development sectors. It has establishment new entity like knowledge society

Chase your Satisfaction

Kush Srivastava 13-May-2022

There was a time when I was about to graduate from college after having done B.Tech from IIT Kanpur, India and an MBA from Paris and I wondered which career path I should opt for. On one hand, where the private sector with its perks and salaries pulled me towards itself, on the other hand, a burning desire to create some difference in the lives of the so many around me, made my decision making extremely difficult.

The obvious question asked in an interview

Editorial 13-May-2022

While going for an interview, you do not know what the interviewer is going to ask on the subject matter.

Understand Your Boss

Editorial 13-May-2022

What Boss says is important but what s/he is trying to communicate is very important for your professional growth. At one point of in my career, I was having a boss who was having an extra polite voice and amazing personality. He was soft spoken but quite efficient in communicating what he wanted to communicate. After working for some time, I had started understanding the real meaning of his very sweet communication. Let me quote some, hope you will enjoy.

Innovation at Office

Editorial 13-May-2022

After doing a detailed review, The Operation Research (OR) department found that there are many employees writing “Misc – Thinking, Innovation and Capacity Development (Usage Code – 420)” as the heading in their Daily Time Sheet (DTS).

Small things behind a great website

Kedar Dash 13-May-2022

It is nice to do great work, but important to share the good work so that people can know about it and the success finds its avenue for further replication,” said my boss long ago.

Career in United Nation

Charles Ebert 13-May-2022

Working at United Nations is one of the best ways to start your career with a federal job. UN is the organization that promotes international cooperation and works on maintaining international order. This is one of the organizations that are ready to hire even former students who have no experience but have a strong desire to accomplish a job of the federal services. Thus, the number of applicants for job openings is regularly high here, and to join UN team you need to pass several interviews. However, the results definitely worth the efforts, as you get the job of your dream and may expect for moving up the career ladder in the soonest time possible.

Career in Child NutritionA

Steve Brown 13-May-2022

Do you love children? Do you want to have a career in the field, but not necessarily become a pediatrician? In this case you might want to consider building yourself a career in child nutrition. An astounding amount of kids are overweight. The parents either don’t have time to educate them and teach them about proper nutrition, or in some cases, the parents are bad role models for their offsprings. This sort of career is a unique opportunity to help make a difference, and change the life of thousands to the better. Here are some guidelines you should adhere to.