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Enabling career in quality teaching

Sraban 13-May-2022

Few names in the recent past has really touched the head and heart of millions of people across the globe and has been the cover story of many local, regional, national and international media and social site apps.

Important Questions You must ask your interviewer

Akhilesh Bakshi 13-May-2022

With professionalism slowly becoming a benchmark in the social sector, the expectations of both employers and employees for each other have reached a new level. Given the fact that job interview is the first formal space when an interviewee interacts with the potential employer, the interaction becomes really important. From securing admission in institutions of learning to securing job, they walk along with you for a substantial part both in academic as well as professional life.

Advantage of Recruiting Fresher’s

Eddie Colin 13-May-2022

Businesses all over the world are dependent on the labour they recruit and train throughout the year because these employees manage all the work that is being done. Employees that earn significant revenue for the business are valuable assets for the business and they do every possible thing to keep them from resigning.A lot of people apply for jobs in every company each month from fresh graduates to experienced individuals. While senior employees and experienced people are undoubtedly excellent for every business, you must not underestimate the importance of fresher’s i.e. fresh graduates who apply for various positions.

Gender Equity in Development Planning

Scott Justin 13-May-2022

One of the main features that should have in development planning is gender equity. Gender equity is all about fairness, equal opportunity and even handedness. Gender equality is also acknowledged as sexual equality. It is the state of equal admission to resources and chances irrespective of one’s gender. Gender equity in development planning can attain through gender impartiality and gender fair play. Without a doubt, society has a tendency to see women as women and men as men. It denotes that women always enjoy low position in society compared to men. When society starts to observe both men and women as fellow individuals, gender equity is possible.

Volunteering with Not for Profit Organizations

Katherine Brunt 13-May-2022

Educational institutes throughout the world tend to focus more on preparing students for professional life, working for corporations that aim to provide a service and make huge profits. They also prepare entrepreneurs who come up with the most innovative ideas for businesses and compete with similar firms to reap financial benefits in the market. What seems to be slightly ignored by students is their dedication to volunteer work with non-profit organizations owned by the state or private individuals. This volunteer work receives lesser importance than it deserves in the global market.

How to write a proposal for a grant

Scott Groza 13-May-2022

It can be daunting at times to write a grant proposal. This can be especially true when there is so much work required to put into it. Among the many steps required include recognizing a problem in the area that you wish to help, thinking of a perfect program to match it and then pitching your proposal to a funding source. If you or your organisation have never applied for a grant, then you’ll be happy to know that if you do, your entire organization will benefit from the entire application process.

Responding to a rejection letter in a job interview

Hannah Ervin 13-May-2022

Getting a rejection letter is not easy. You experience a sense of agony, sadness, depression and anger – at the same time. However, we want to remind you that – if you keep your cool in this tough time, and respond back with a gracious and polite response – then you can actually save yourself a lot of grace.

Becoming a Manager in 21st Century

Sraban 13-May-2022

‘Hari Sadhu’ an ad character couple of years back on Television screen gained lot of popularity and drew the attention of many professionals. The ad was not only entertaining but also it had coined few fundamental questions on the work culture in contemporary society and the image of so called “Manager or Boss”. Now, with the passage of time and emerging working trend in 21st century the position of “Manager or Boss” is becoming more and more challenging, crucial and complicated. As a result many B-Schools have revised their curriculum focusing more and more on practical problems rather than confining to theoretical approach and train their students to face the upcoming challenges of 21st century. Similarly the recruiting agencies and HR units of different organisations/corporate have also changed their recruitment or selection process. Where along with the knowledge aspect the understanding and problem solving ability of a candidate, translating her/his experience into execution is the key of success. So to say, Managing the people / work is no longer the definition of a Manager. Now it has expanded too many more dimensions and requires a set of skills, which is unfortunately is not taught in normal classroom. Lists of such attributes are as follows.

What is the Difference between CSR and traditional funding?

Ashley Kornee 12-May-2022

Fund-raising. It’s difficult; it’s highly competitive; and it can be costly. Most of all, it is impossible to know how much you will raise through traditional methods. These include mailings, media advertising,fund-raising events, meetings, face-to-face begging, and a host of other activities that take time, planning, and money.

What the crowd funding is about on the Social Media and how to get it right?

Siena William 12-May-2022

One of the greatest advantages of crowd funding is its capacity to harness and channelize the impact of social media to gather support for a business project. While the initiation of such campaigns starts with those closest to the ones who lead the project, social media is undeniably the ideal way to reach out to the masses, other than your immediate friends and family.