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Community Media: Its role in positive transformation in developing countries

Emma 12-May-2022

In the recent past, the role of media in society has changed a lot. Community media was developed to maintain two-way communication between professional communicators and the audience in certain community groups caused a progressive push in media development. The members of these special groups are united in some ethnic, minorities or others special views or needs. Media funds topics in such communities are chosen by professional communicators. They are always concentrated around the main theme and certain community’s interests.

Career In ICT For Development

Philip Bryant 12-May-2022

The current world and the business community, in general, relies heavily on the products of information technology and the services provided by the continuous growth in the ICT sector. The primary role played by the ICT revolves around the maintenance of the communication channels both for the private and the public sector to make life easier.

Whatsapp for developing communication

John Elijah 12-May-2022

WhatsApp has come along as one of the simplest ways of communicating effectively. It has a large user base which makes it ideal to use for promoting a social cause.

HIV and AIDS – The Past, Present, and Future.

Adela 12-May-2022

Human immunodeficiency virus infection and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS) are believed to be originated in the West-Central Africa, and the oldest evidence of human transfer has been found in and around the late nineteenth and the early twentieth century.

Career Choices in Conflict Zones

Irene Kot 12-May-2022

Description: Do you wonder what job opportunities you might have in conflict zones? Read the article below to find out about the career options in conflict zones and the skills that might be required.

Experience in working with disability

Alice Berg 12-May-2022

Job search is challenging for everyone. A current job market is overflowing with highly qualified candidates and it is tough even for them to land a job. Speaking of people with disabilities, it is much more difficult to find a well-paid sustainable job. Nevertheless, there are different ways to increase chances to get hired. Besides, there is so much that people can learn from working with disabled people because very often they possess a wide range of unique skills. So here are some tips for people with disabilities that will help to get inspired, boost confidence and eventually to get employed.

HIV AIDS – The Present And Future

John Alex 12-May-2022

Back in the late 80’s and early 90’s, getting diagnosed with AIDS was like acquiring a death warrant. But, thanks to the recent advancements in treatment procedures and scientific awareness, experts are now able to help sufferers live longer, productive lives.As the healthcare community studied more about AIDS and its consequences, medical specialists realized that multidrug combination therapy was relatively more effective than a single medication.

CSR in Development

Luisa Brenton 12-May-2022

CSR or corporate social responsibility is all the rage right now. That’s because for many people, it feels like government is dropping the ball on this one. They are moving too slow and doing too little about the things that people care about.And so, it is up to companies to take up the slack and become the responsible citizens that we would like them to be. As a result, shoppers aren’t just buying product anymore but also expecting the companies they buy such products from to behave in a responsible manner. And that’s where people working in the branch of Corporate Social Responsibility come in.

Governance Transformation and role of civil society organization

Marlin Wright 12-May-2022

Since past few years’ civil society organizations have become the hot topic among the people. Civil society organization (CSOs) has a significant role in the growth and development of the third world countries as well as it is one of the integral parts of the modern democracies. It is made of different communities, non-governmental organizations, groups, unions and much more. CSO has raised the issues which public is facing from many years.

Importance for Communication for Development

Katherine Brunt 12-May-2022

Importance for Communication for Development Communication is therefore imperative to appropriate a referential philosophical framework, which allows explaining the concrete scope of the reality with which we work, which facilitates the teacher to assume a pedagogical behaviour consistent with this philosophical conception of departure.